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Our dream

To contribute to the growth of healthier communities in MENA.

Small knowledgeable steps towards a healthier lifestyle can bring great gains, mentally and physically.

We are inspired by

the knowledge that we are created and valuable to God Almighty. Though we live in an imperfect environment our choices can lead toward health or disease. There are natural laws of health that can help the body restore itself. By learning to make healthy choices we can experience the abundant life our Almighty God desires for us.

Evidence based material

All the health topics are backed by current research.

Cultural Competence

The material is written specifically for the Middle East and North Africa population.

Team work & collaboration

We respect and want to work with other health professionals and institutions throughout MENA.

“I made some changes, I’m now walking… I socialize more… I got some plants” – A. Girgis

A. Girgis

“I suffered all my life with anxiety, I wanted so much to get rid of it….and this health program has changed my life!”

J. Souheil

“My life has been transformed by practicing these lifestyle changes. I have more energy, sleep better at night, I am happier, and feel that I am living to my best potential. Thank you for your help.”